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Research shows that homework should be purposeful and involve participation from home. Homework can be assigned to help students deepen their knowledge, enhance fluency with a crucial skill, or to introduce new content. Research also tells us that homework should not be excessive, and that the younger the child, the less homework should be assigned. (Marzano, The Art And Science Of Teaching, 2007)

When we read this research, we began to think about how we could improve our homework. Several thoughts came to mind:

1. We want to incorporate best practices into what we offer in the way of homework.

2. We want parents to have 24/7 access to homework assignments and the papers needed to complete them. 

3. We would like to reduce the amount of copying we do for homework, along with the amount of paper we consume in the interest of helping the environment.

In an effort to solve these problems, we came up with the idea of putting our homework online. In doing so, you will see some different activities for homework. It may take a little getting used to, but we think it will be good for everyone - a win/win!

Since our homework consists largely of documents and .pdf files we have created, this area has a secure login, to prevent possible corruption of our uploaded files.

Please click the link below to log in to your homework page :-)


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Book Talk Questions - Any Grade:

You can use these questions to extend your reading experience if you like :-)

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